Friday, July 11, 2008

Title: "Expectation"


Nielsen Family said...

How are you? It has been years since I heard about you. I found out this website of your through a friend here in Wisconsin: The Taylors. I saw your artwork in their apt and recognized it instantly. Oh, just in case you do not remember me I am christina the asian girl from Tahiti who hung out with Michelle Gateau at BYU-H.
Anyways, it is great that you are doing good.... keep us posted!
Take care

Nielsen Family said...

LOVE your artwork!!!!!!!

Loren said...
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Loren said...

Nnamdi. You floor me. Cam just sent me your site url. I was just a kid when I knew you, but I still remember being moved by your work. Thanks for the beauty you continue to add to our often bleak world.

I'll forward your site to my parents. I'm sure they'll be excited to get it!

(Mom's address:

KiennaP said...


Hello. I am Emma Panti's daughter. My mom said that you guys have known eachother and have been friends for a while now. She talks about your artwork a lot, and I came here to check it out. I don't exactly remember where we were, but we were out of town when my mom saw one of your sculptures outside on display. You are truly talented, and keep up the good work!