Friday, July 11, 2008

My Latest Work - Title: "Kindred Spirits"


me said...

Hi! Nice work; post some more photos, tell us about your art-thinking!
Regards from another blogger

creativewisdom said...

your work is awesome!!

PB3 said...

Hi Mr. Okonkwo.

I wanted to compliment you on your works of sculpture. I think your works are beautiful. I missed seeing your works at the Gulf Coast Arts Festival this year, but I recall seeing your work the previous year. Your latest piece looks like it will be outstanding.

I enjoy the stylization of the woman characters in your sculpture. I like the round shapes you use to express womanhood and the vastness of the soul. Seeing some of your works makes me think of the important women in my life - like my mother for instance.

Your stylization also brings to attention a similar in my chosen art field, that of animation. I'm sure you are aware that characters in animation as well as there movements are often stylized for artistic and practical reasons. As I look to other artist for inspiration, I see you work as great reference to observe.

Thank you, and best wishes in you future endeavors.

Paul Brown 3rd

bayouwolf said...

Your work is breathtakingly beautiful. Someday I hope to acquire some of your pieces.

Calvin said...

I love your work. I came here via nudge village. I would love to see a piece of two sisters. I love the kindred spirits piece, but sometimes it seems most women have one other woman in there life who is either a biological sister of feels like it. I know my wife and her sister would connect with a piece showing your womanly lines expressing sisterhood.